We've managed to squeeze in a bit over a long weekend in the capital this January. Here are some photo's and words to prove it :)

Jess had a few friends who all happened to be in London at the same time so it was a perfect excuse to head down for a couple of nights for a catch up.

jess in the midst of foot traffic

jess in the midst of foot traffic

The first place Ben (James' brother) took us was Peckham levels. An old multi story car park turned bar/food joint was a cool spot for sure. The hangover was helped with some "dirty" fries and a couple of beers. Jess went for a poke dish and was head over heels for it.

After some much needed food we moved onto the Greenwich golfing range to hit a few balls. the head wind was freezing but we stuck at it and hit balls badly until our arms started to hurt. This is such a good setup right next to the london eye. We had so much fun here and it was only £14 for 120 balls which was more then enough. It's a cool way to look out at a certain part of the city.

With our hands and toes freezing we withdrew to the bar to have a couple more beers. The bar has a great atmosphere and the food looked fantastic too. I can really see this being a perfect day out in the summer with a bit of heat in the air.


After the afternoon of hitting balls into a field it was time to move onto the night. Jess had organised to meet up with friends at an Italian restaurant called Jak's in Chelsea. you go underground to get into the restaurant and it's accompanied by a night club at ground level. 

The decor inside was awesome and a band were playing some great music. it was full to the brim which is always a good sign in a restaurant. We personally didn't think the food was amazing but for how much it cost it was great value for money. 

Before we knew it, it was midnight and it was kicking out time. You enter one way and when you're ready to leave, are ushered to exit through the club. A cheeky strategy to drink a couple more for the journey home?

Once we got back to Ollie and Cal's we passed out and got just enough sleep in for the Ben tour guide tomorrow. tomorrows mooch around was at the Barbican centre. Now these look like your typical 1970's blocks of flats but instead of becoming an eye sore and being knocked down they've been transformed into quite the place. The inside of the apartments have been updated to highly fashionable standards and there is plenty to do in the centre.

Our first stop inside the centre was the "conservatory". A part of the flats where plants were allowed to roam free which made for a place where you didn't think you were in the middle of London what so ever.



The stomaches were starting to rumble so we decided to take the walk to Spitalfields market. with a few street food spots and a small market it seemed like an no brainer. Ben and I hit the taco stand and Jess went for a ramen soup. All too good. definitely worth a visit if you end up in London!



Shoreditch is the pin spot on the map, get it up on your maps and go explore! A trip to London is always fun for us, we just crave the beach after a few days!


James Topliss