Jess needed to leave the country for a lovely little stamp in her passport to get her working holiday visa in the U.K activated. We decided that we would take a 40 minute flight over to the dam for a long weekend. 


Killing time drinking pints between the rain. Handy fact with the train station at the airport, the platforms are stupidly long and if you walk too far down or not enough you won't catch the right train, so instead of being stupid like us look for the right place to stop on the screens. 


We stayed in an awesome airbnb which was just down the road from the city centre. We had a small apartment which catered for all of our needs, the road which we were on had fantastic architecture. 

The weather was not on our side with it raining most days in Amsterdam, John who advertised the airbnb suggested a few indoor places to go.

The foam gallery was fantastic, if you are keen on photography this place is definitely worth a visit! we managed to spend a few hours in there strolling the 4 stories of artwork. 


The cheapest time to visit from the U.K would be winter time. P&O ferries do a winter deal which is 2 for 1. The place has a very good buzz during the winter months. Due to our circumstances we had to take a flight and this did cost us a bit more then we had liked as we were not going when a deal was on offer. 

Using airbnb did save us money compared to the hotels so get yourself signed up if you are already not! Instead of using the internet for recommendations on where to eat and drink as there are hundreds we just walked around until we liked the look of a place, we've named a few we liked in this blog :). 


Jess had a few friends from the dam and we caught up with them for the locals tour. We had a drink in bar bartonique which has a tropical beach theme and moved onto a restaurant called Mr and Mrs Watson which served up the best vegan food at a very reasonable price!

The 9 streets is a small district which is great for cafes and shopping and this is where we spent most of our time walking around. There is a cafe called Goodies which serves the best sandwiches and beer. We poked our head through the door and the place was full but if you have the time and find yourself in the same situation wait for a table and you will not be disappointed! 

With the weather being as bad as it was photo opportunities were hard to come by, the rain didn't get us down as this is such a chilled out city. This will be a place which we will definitely be visiting again!

James Topliss