on our way back through the mountains after our milford sound adventure, james pulled to a halt over a bridge. 'LOOK at the colour of that water', he said. we then decided to climb, in our completely inappropriate hiking attire (vans and nikes), dungarees and jeans - we passed a group of french hikers in the correct attire. this one girl said to me in her adorable french accent, 'ohhhhhhh you must go, it is so beautiful the blue and the rainbow'. won't lie, immediately we were keen. as we start to head up, we hear the french boy say 'two hours' and laughed. we really weren't sure if he was joking or not. 

up we headed through the moss and dirt, trying not to ruin our cameras en route. you could say it was well worth it, to this day it's the bluest water and the most surreal waterfall i've ever seen.